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writed by Jerry Siegel

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Justice league 3a adalet birli c4 9fi pubg. Justice league 3a adalet birli c4 9fi reviews. Justice League: Adalet Birliği buy. Justice league 3a adalet birli c4 9fi review. Justice League: Adalet birligi. Justice league 3a adalet birli c4 9fi ff. Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Batman vs Superman and now Justice League all have something in common. Giant boring bad guys with no real clear motivation other then "I will destroy this world because it's my right.
Okay, maybe less in BvS but Lex's motivation was just KILL SUPERMAN.
Anyway, Steppenwolf (Not the rock band) who was basically never mentioned in previous movies appears as the bad guy who claims to have the right to destroy the world.
Whatever, motherboxes are brought into the picture with only being minimally mentioned in Wonder Woman.
Or was it BvS?
Does it matter? It's just not clear at all why he's there. What the motherboxes are thing. He's just another DC bad guy wearing a giant suit of armor using giant beams of light from the sky to rain down destruction. C'mon guys, can we stop with this now?
The first act and half is Bruce putting the band together and then once he does have them he says they're not enough. They need Superman. So, they decide to user a motherbox to resurrect him.
Wait, didn't we see dirt on his casket float up at the end of BvS?
Yes we did.
Is it ignored completely?
Yes it is.
So he's resurrected.
The following few minutes are probably some of the best parts of the movie as an angry confused Superman proceeds to beat the living crap out of all the other heroes. Including a face-smack to Batman that sends him flying across a field into a cop car. Only when Lois suddenly appears (and completely outs him by calling him Clark in front of cops) does he calm down.
Clark goes home, Justice League the batcave I THINK to devise their plan.
Something bad is happening some where on the other side of the world. Batman "my Bat jet thing won't get there in time"
Cyborg "it will for me"
Okay so, he can make engines designed to go a certain speed go faster.
Kinda convenient too.
They fly to other side of world. BAM BAM Steppenwolf. Superman appears and we suddenly realize it literally could have all been done with just Superman and Cyborg. Nobody else was needed.
I'm giving this movie a six only because it had some funny one-liners and some of the interactions between the characters are genuinely good. Also, Danny Elfman managed to sneak in a few bars of his 1989 Batman theme in key scenes.
Lets hope if there is a Justice League 2, they go a COMPLETELY different route. Time for Snyder to stop making these movies.
Well, all movies. Really.
Bring in somebody who has respect for these characters.




  • 1000 / 1000